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Cider From The Forest Of The Odes

BEMBEL-WITH-CARE is not just a cider. BEMBEL-WITH-CARE is a joy of life and simply a bit different. There’s an Apfelwein Culture 2.0 and it’s wildly alive. The Apfelwein itself is produced in the traditional Cidery Kr mer.

BEMBEL-WITH-CARE is manufactured in the Odenwald by the Cidery Kr mer. They are producing Apfelwein and high-quality fruit juice since 1928.

Mostly, apples from traditional Odenwald meadow orchards are used for the Apfelwein. The special climate of the Odenwald and the old,respective apple varieties with a balanced level of sugar and acidity allow for the production of this unique cider. It is made according to traditional recipes from NFC (not-from-concentrate) juice.

No concentrates, additives, artificial flavors, or additional sweeteners are added during the process. The extraordinary quality of this Apfelwein is a result of decades of experience. A state-ofthe- art press and filtration technology ensures that the BWC cider is vegan.

Consisting mainly of apples from Odenw ldermeadow orchards, containing no additional flavors or sweeteners – this Apfelwein is pure with high residual sweetness, gluten free by nature and vegan.This new Apfelwein generation fills the niche between beer and wine – the German answer to Cider. What the world has been waiting for.Viva la Cider Revolution!

Our Cider Cans

The world’s first cider in designer cans! What started as a project during university, soon became a thing… Since 2009 we are filling our BEMBEL-WITH-CARE cider into the well-known 0.5L cans. By now, the canned fruit gained many fans, who made Apfelwein presentable


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If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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Please feel free to contact us.