Sparkling Apple Wine

Award-winning sparkling cider “BEMBEL-WITHCARE Apfelwein” is an unadulterated natural product made from apples grown in traditional Odenwald meadow orchards.No added sweeteners,concentrates or other additives are used during its production. Also, it’s the best possible base for our Apfelschauwein. It receives its finishing touch during a bottle conditioned secondary fermentation.

You can pop the corks with this one! Our fine sparkling wine (Apfelschaumwein) is a noble drop. It looks it’s best at festivities as weddings, birthdays, new year’s eve…and basically every other event. The heavy, highquality glass bottle is an optical treat as well and even emptied a great decoration item.

Flavour: The sparkling cider from BEMBEL-WITH-CARE is a mild, dry ‘apple champagne’ with a fresh, fruity apple flavour and a fine perlage (little bubbles to you and me!).

Packaging: Heavy, high-quality matt black lacquered champagne bottle with a natural cork and black agrafe.

Awards: Prior to its launch, the BEMBEL-WITH-CARE sparkling cider received the ‘Pomme D’Or 2013’ award for Apfelwein innovation